“The fact is that microbes are a natural part of our existence. The realization that one can now selectively control the internal environment to one’s advantage is a significant step forward in our understanding of health parameters.”

~ Dr. Khem Shahani, 1959


As one of the first manufacturers to offer probiotic ingredients to the natural products industry, Nebraska Cultures helped set the stage for today’s widespread interest and growing consumer acceptance of probiotic supplementation for improved health. Much more than simply a probiotic raw material manufacturer and supplier, Nebraska Cultures was an early leader in probiotic research and technology, and is the only manufacturer of the DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus using Dr. Khem Shahani’s proprietary methods.

Additionally, Nebraska Cultures supplies a full range of probiotic microorganisms, either individually or in custom-designed blends. We offer new product development and application support, and can supply formulations in bulk powder, bulk capsules or our exclusive chewable tablet. We can also supply privately labeled and packaged products, depending on our customers’ particular requirements.


Founded by Dr. Khem Shahani in 1981, Nebraska Cultures has developed a reputation for providing exceptional products and services to its clients.

As one of the most influential probiotics scientists to date, Dr. Khem Shahani began his landmark research on L. acidophilus at the University of Nebraska in the late 1950s. There he discovered a particular strain of L. acidophilus that showed superior growth, stability and nutritional viability. Dr. Shahani would later name the strain DDS-1 for the Department of Dairy Science Number One strain, and spend the rest of his career unlocking its potential for improving overall health.



Nebraska Cultures has pioneered and continues to contribute to this health revolution. We cultivate trusted, lasting partnerships with supplement companies, food companies and contract manufacturers; providing them with scientifically validated probiotic cultures and hands-on support in testing, formulation and blending to ensure a final product that is both safe and efficacious.  Probiotics is all we do; we are committed to providing the expertise and support required of a complex product, and relentless focus required to offer the best possible strains and blends for maintaining health.