We build long-term, trusted partnerships with our customers.

We support branded probiotic product development with decades of experience in testing, blending and stabilizing probiotic raw materials in supplements, nutraceuticals, and foods.



We have extensive experience working with probiotics in many forms…from gummies to capsules to beverages, we understand how to ensure stability and support our customers’ product development to optimize survival.

We can supply formulations in bulk powder, bulk capsules, or our exclusive chewable tablet.

We provide product development support for branded and private label products, including packaging, labeling and shipping.



Custom blending of different strains and ingredients is a unique service provided by Nebraska Cultures. Not all probiotics ingredients suppliers can or will perform this important service in their facility. In addition, we can produce custom pack sizes to exactly fit the needs of our customers.

Nebraska Cultures maintains the flexibility to pre-blend your probiotic formulations in exact amounts in a highly quality-controlled production environment to your specifications. We can blend with a variety of excipients, including maltodextrins, inulin, and other functional ingredients. We then ship your blended, custom-packaged product directly to you or to your contract manufacturer for final packaging.

This service affords you more flexibility, the potential for lowering product costs, minimizing waste, saving shipping costs, and the opportunity of one-stop shopping.



Nebraska Cultures’ exclusive ProDURA® Bacillus coagulans is a uniquely durable spore-forming microorganism. Our trademarked name connotes exceptional strength and stability.  We have invested heavily in marketing the ProDURA® brand, and are happy to assist our clients who would like to feature ProDURA® signage on their marketing materials to reap the full benefits of our partnership.